Pool Inspection

5 Causes of Cloudy Pool Water

By bpadmin1 / May 26, 2024

Cloudy Pool? Here’s What Might Be Happening! Cloudy pool water can put a damper on your swimming plans, but fear not! We’re here to shed some light on the common culprits behind this frustrating issue and offer solutions to get your pool back to its sparkling best. Don’t let cloudy water ruin your pool experience.…

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Purchasing A House With A Swimming Pool?

By Bremner Pool & Spa / January 29, 2024

Contact Bremner Pool & Spa to Arrange a Pool and Equipment Inspection. Are you dreaming of a home with a pool? It’s a picturesque vision that often sways potential homebuyers. However, amidst the excitement of finding the perfect oasis, many overlook a crucial step: the pool inspection. Just as you wouldn’t skip a home inspection,…

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Start Planning for End-of-Summer Toronto Pool Service and Renovations

By bpadmin1 / July 9, 2023

As we approach the midpoint of July, it’s the perfect moment to start considering your end-of-summer pool service and renovation plans. Though the season may seem to be slipping away, there’s still ample time to prepare and ensure your pool is in top condition. Don’t wait until the last minute – take advantage of this…

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4 Clues for Detecting a Pool Leak

By bpadmin1 / May 1, 2023

When pool season starts, it’s common for customers to notice signs of a leak in their swimming pool or liner. This can be caused by the ground freezing and thawing over the winter, which shifts the concrete pools and the surrounding land. While modern swimming pools are efficient, leaks can cause landscaping damage, wasted water,…

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