Pool Exercises to Keep You in Shape

By bpadmin1 / August 1, 2023

Traditional gym workouts aren’t the only option when it comes to staying fit and healthy. If you’re looking for a refreshing and effective way to keep your body in peak condition, consider taking your workout routine to the pool! Water-based exercises offer a unique combination of resistance, buoyancy, and low-impact movements that can help you…

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Start Planning for End-of-Summer Toronto Pool Service and Renovations

By bpadmin1 / July 9, 2023

As we approach the midpoint of July, it’s the perfect moment to start considering your end-of-summer pool service and renovation plans. Though the season may seem to be slipping away, there’s still ample time to prepare and ensure your pool is in top condition. Don’t wait until the last minute – take advantage of this…

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Make a Splash with these Fun Swimming Pool Games for Children!

By bpadmin1 / June 28, 2023

Ah, summertime in Toronto is when the city’s residents soak up the sun and cool off in their private residential pools. If you’re a proud pool owner looking to add laughter and excitement to your poolside gatherings, we’ve got you covered! In this blog post, we’ll explore five incredibly fun and hilarious poolside games that…

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