An easy guide to achieving perfectly clean and clear pool water

A swimming pool and its equipment are designed to work with perfect water chemistry and in order to maximize the life of your pool, it is extremely important that the water chemistry be maintained on an ongoing basis! Once you neglect your water chemistry, you will start to experience problems with your pool and equipment…

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Natural Gas and Propane Installation Code

TSSA Gas Code

Are you a residential pool owner considering the installation of a natural gas or propane heater? Ensuring your pool heater is installed according to the stringent codes set by the Technical Standards and Safety Authority (TSSA) is essential for safety and compliance. Failure to adhere to these codes can result in unsafe operation, posing risks…

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Purchasing A House With A Swimming Pool?

Contact Bremner Pool & Spa to Arrange a Pool and Equipment Inspection. Are you dreaming of a home with a pool? It’s a picturesque vision that often sways potential homebuyers. However, amidst the excitement of finding the perfect oasis, many overlook a crucial step: the pool inspection. Just as you wouldn’t skip a home inspection,…

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Skiing Adventures for Families Near Toronto

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As the chill settles in and the pool cover stays put, it’s time to swap swimsuits for snow gear and dive into a new kind of family adventure—skiing! In this blog post, we’ll explore the joy of hitting the slopes with your kids during the winter months, check out some amazing ski resorts around Toronto,…

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Understanding Safety Cover Sagging: Tips for Maintenance

Pool Product Tips Sagging

Are you concerned about your safety cover appearing saggy during the winter months? Don’t worry; it’s a common occurrence as the cover tends to absorb moisture and become heavier during this time. This added weight can cause the cover to sag visibly. However, there are measures you can take to ensure everything is in order…

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Happy New Year to Our Valued Customers

Happy New Year

As we approach the end of this year, we pause to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering support. Your trust has been the bedrock of our success, and we are profoundly grateful for the privilege to serve you. This holiday season, amidst the festive cheer, we wish you moments filled with joy, warmth, and…

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How to Deal with an Algae Problem

BP algae

Clearing up algae doesn’t have to be a difficult process.  At Bremner Pool & Spa, we follow a quick and effective process to treat algae.  It is important to note that different types of algae are commonly found in swimming pools.  The most common being green algae.  There are other forms of algae as well,…

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10 Things to Do with Kids in Toronto during the Holidays

Bremner Pool

At Bremner Pool, our customers are always at the forefront of our thoughts. As the holiday break approaches, if you’re pondering ways to keep your kids entertained during this time, here are some fantastic ideas to jump-start your planning. While dreaming of hosting a few pool parties might cross your mind, our wintry weather makes…

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Winter Safety Alert: Walking on Pool Covers

PSP Featured

As the winter frost blankets our surroundings, a friendly reminder to all our beloved Bremner Pool enthusiasts about an essential safety precaution: walking on pool covers during winter. While the allure of a frozen pool may seem like a whimsical playground for pets and children, it’s crucial to understand the potential hazards. Pool covers, though…

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Illuminate Your Pool Experience with Hayward ColorLogic® LED Lights

Hayward ColorLogic® LED Lights.

When it comes to transforming your pool into a stunning aquatic oasis, the right lighting can make all the difference. Hayward, a trusted name in pool and spa innovation, has taken the game to the next level with their ColorLogic® LED Lights. These vibrant, energy-efficient lights not only illuminate your pool but also create an…

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Hayward® Omni® Smart Pool & Spa Control

Pool Automation

As the go-to pool automation platform, Hayward® Omni sets the standard for simplicity and intuitiveness in mobile pool and spa control. Let’s dive into the myriad ways OmniLogic revolutionizes your pool management: PUMPS: Gain full control over your pool’s energy consumption with OmniLogic. Adjust pump speeds and set schedules effortlessly, no matter where you are.…

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