Feherguard Solar Reel

Solar blankets can be installed on a pool either manually or with the use of a Solar Reel. Putting a blanket on manually can be cumbersome for some, especially the elderly. A solar reel is a very convenient way to put a solar blanket on a pool and remove it when it’s time to swim. It is straightforward to use as well.   The blanket gets attached to a heavy-duty tube set. For a rectangle pool, it is placed at one end of the pool and on a shaped pool, it is placed at the widest points of the pool. At each end of the heavy-duty tube are handles that you would use to roll the cover onto the pool or to remove the cover and roll it back up onto the tube when it’s time for a swim. At Bremner Pool & Spa, we sell the Feherguard Solar Reel System. The Feherguard Solar Reel System is one of the most popular reels on the market as it has been around for a long time, and we have had great success with this system. They offer different types of Reel Systems depending on the type of pool and deck you have. We can advise you on which reel system is best for your pool. We usually recommend the wheels reel system with the handles. The wheels are specially for in-ground pools. The wheel ends sit in a cup and can be left near the pool, or if you would like to move it out of the way, it can be easily lifted out of the cups, rolled away, and stored away from the pool. Also, the large 20″ wheels make it easy to move on any decking surface.  

It’s best to store your blanket indoors during the winter, but a protective cover sheet can be purchased if you cannot. You can then cover the blanket with the sheet and leave it outdoors over the winter.  

Please visit our blog post to learn more about the benefits of a solar blanket: https://bremnerpool.com/solar-blankets/

If you would like to experience the ease of putting your solar cover on and removing it with the use of a Feherguard Solar Reel System, contact Bremner Pool & Spa for a free quote on supply and installation of a Feherguard Solar Reel System for your pool! 

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