HUGE Rebate available on the purchase of a Variable Speed Pool Pump this season!

2024 is an excellent time to consider upgrading from your single speed pool pump to a variable speed energy efficient pool pump. The Save on Energy CoolSaver program helps homeowners and tenants reduce their electricity consumption and energy costs by offering a rebate of $350 if you upgrade your Single Speed pool pump to an energy efficient Variable Speed pool pump. This program is being delivered in collaboration with Toronto Hydro, Hydro One and Alectra, and is available to customers who live within the following Postal Codes in Toronto and York Region:

  • Toronto: M5M, M5N, M5P, M6A, M6B, M6C
  • York Region: L3R, L3S, L3T, L4B, L4C, L4J, L4K, L4S, L6B, L6C, L6E, L6G

To be eligible, you must meet the following requirements:

  • You must be at least 18 years old
  • You must reside within the postal codes described above with the first three digits of the postal code shown above AND be a customer of Toronto Hydro, Hydro One or Alectra.
  • Be a homeowner or tenant of a single-family home, including a single-detached house, semi-detached house, row house and townhouse; tenants must provide a signed consent form from the homeowner. 
  • You must enter into a Program Agreement with the IESO to undertake the efficiency upgrades/actions and sign a work order to complete the upgrade/actions by December 31, 2024.  Click here to apply:
  • You must hire a Qualified CoolSaver Contractor to install and service your Variable Speed pool pump to qualify for the rebate.  Bremner Pool & Spa is a Qualified CoolSaver Contractor.

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