What to do when your pool heater is not working the day before a pool party?

So, you’ve spent all week planning the perfect pool party, sent out invitations, and prepped everything down to the last detail.  Your preparations are going well, but then, disaster strikes—you go to turn on your pool heater on Friday so that your pool is heated in time for your party on Saturday, and the pool heater decides to call it quits the day before your big event.  Don’t panic!  Here are a few suggestions for handling this unexpected situation and salvaging your pool party plans!   

  1. Check that the main gas valve is on to ensure that gas is getting to the heater 
  2. Is your water level in the pool ¾ up the skimmer?
  3. Empty your pump and skimmer baskets to ensure there is no debris in the baskets that would restrict flow to the heater.
  4. If you have a variable speed pump, check that it is running at a high enough speed to ensure that the heater is getting enough flow to turn on.  If the speed on your pump is too low, you will need to increase it.
  5. Check the filter gauge on your pool filter to see if the pressure is high or low.  If the pressure gauge is reading too high, you will need to backwash your filter (if you have a sand filter) or wash your cartridges (if you have a cartridge filter).  If the pressure gauge is reading too low, look at your pump and skimmer baskets to see if they both need to be cleaned out and also, check if the water in the pool is ¾ up the skimmer.  

If you have tried these suggestions and your heater is still not firing up, it’s best to contact your local pool store and schedule an emergency service call to have a licensed gas fitter closely examine the heater to determine the problem.  With natural gas appliances, it is dangerous if a homeowner who is not a licensed gas technician works on pool heaters.  This should be left to a qualified, licensed gas technician.  At Bremner Pool & Spa, we have licensed gas technicians on staff who are qualified to troubleshoot natural gas pool heaters.  So, if your heater conks out the night before your party, you can count on Bremner Pool & Spa to be there the next morning and salvage your pool party!

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