Bremner – Repair Swimming Pool Leaks Before the Winter

Anytime is a good time to get suspected leaks in your swimming pool repaired and looked after but it becomes particularly important as the season reaches the end. Colder weather and freezing will wreak havoc on existing swimming pool leaks and set the stage for multiple problems at opening time next year – just when you’re looking forward to enjoying your pool. Leaks may stem from a number of problems:

• Cracks in the pool foundation
• Leaks in plumbing
• Leaks in connections and drains

Water leaks out from your pool into the surrounding ground. The layout of your yard will determine where it goes from there. If left unchecked, eventually the ground will get so soggy that the pool will pop right out of the ground. That occurs at the point where the leaked water saturates the ground to the point it contacts the surrounding ground water. Low water conditions combined with a relatively high water table is most likely to produce pool popping conditions.

Leaking pools are no joke. You’ll probably also notice your water bill going up. A quarter-inch per day leak in the average 350 square foot pool equals 55.6 gallons—or over 1,700 gallons of water lost per month.

Vinyl linings are a particular concern when it comes to leaks. If too much water leaks out over the winter, the lining can loosen and separate from the pool floor. At the very least it can wrinkle; it can also cause damage to the floor of the pool and in some cases collapse the steel -wall structure of the pool itself.

Signs that your pool is leaking:

• Splashy, saturated puddles in particular areas of your yard
• Consistent drops in water level that you can’t explain

There are of course a number of other causes for what seems like excessive water loss.

• Evaporation due to excessively hot weather
• Splash out or backwashing
• High winds, especially over a prolonged period

These phenomena are an expected part of operating a pool. However, consistent losses (especially if they occur during different types of weather) should be investigated.

• Excessive water loss can roughly be defined as more than 1/4” to 1/2” per day.

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Bremner Pool & Spa technicians can provide professional testing to find and repair your swimming pool leaks. Our swimming pool experts can help with any swimming pool design or remodelling ideas. Note: what to do in the meantime before our technicians can get there? Please turn off your pump; it will reduce the chances of pool popping.

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