Hayward® Omni® Smart Pool & Spa Control

As the go-to pool automation platform, Hayward® Omni sets the standard for simplicity and intuitiveness in mobile pool and spa control. Let’s dive into the myriad ways OmniLogic revolutionizes your pool management:

PUMPS: Gain full control over your pool’s energy consumption with OmniLogic. Adjust pump speeds and set schedules effortlessly, no matter where you are. Save energy and keep your pool operating at its best with just a few taps on your mobile device.

LIGHTS: Experience unparalleled lighting control with OmniDirect Mode™. Illuminate your pool area with precision by adjusting ColorLogic® LED lights, controlling dimming, and even setting the speed. Access programmed light shows and choose from 20 luxurious colors to create the perfect ambiance for any occasion.

HEATER: No more returning to a chilly pool. OmniLogic lets you adjust your heater settings from anywhere, ensuring your pool is the perfect temperature when you arrive. Say goodbye to wasting energy by leaving the heat on all day—optimize your heater’s performance with OmniLogic.

SPA: Create your personal oasis by turning on and adjusting valve actuators with OmniLogic. Craft themes that combine your favorite heater and lighting settings for an instant relaxation experience. The “ahhh” moment is just a tap away.

SALT SYSTEM: Take control of chlorination levels with OmniLogic’s convenient monitoring and control features. Achieve water that not only looks pristine but feels incredible, too. Generate chlorine efficiently with salt levels as low as 800 ppm, ensuring a refreshing swimming experience.

CLEANER: Maintain a sparkling clean pool effortlessly. Turn on your pool cleaner with OmniLogic from anywhere, whether on the go or at home. Set a schedule, and return to a consistently pristine pool without the hassle.

WATER FEATURES & MORE: Elevate your pool experience by controlling water features like waterfalls, bubblers, and grottos. OmniLogic provides comprehensive automation for all these elements, allowing you to create a captivating aquatic environment with ease.

In conclusion, Hayward OmniLogic is not just an automation system; it’s a comprehensive solution that transforms your pool into a smart, energy-efficient, and effortlessly controlled oasis. Experience the future of pool management with OmniLogic—where convenience and luxury meet in perfect harmony.

Ready to elevate your pool experience? Contact us to start planning your next renovation with Bremner Pool & Spa. Upgrade equipment, enhance aesthetics, or explore state-of-the-art automation systems like the Hayward OmniLogic. Your dream pool is just a message away—let’s make it happen!

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