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A Pool Step is convenient in helping swimmers get in and out of a pool and can significantly enhance its appearance.  Pool steps can also be used to lounge by the pool, to sit back and relax after enjoying a long day’s work!  Our inventory of Pool Steps comes in various shapes and sizes, and depending on which step you select, certain ones can be custom-built to suit the style you are looking for.  The price points vary as well for each step, which is why it is best to contact us, and we can recommend a step based on your needs, budget and pool design.

Acrylic/Fiberglass In-Pool Steps 

These stylish steps come from Latham Pool Products and are Acrylic with fiberglass reinforcing.  The fiberglass reinforcing gives these steps strength, beauty in appearance, resistance to UV rays and weather and makes cleaning easy.   They have a levelling system encased in concrete, reinforcing each step where you walk on them. They come in different sizes and shapes and have a smooth white, grey granite or blue granite finish.  These steps are very durable and rigid, making it a great choice for longevity.  To install these steps, a section of the concrete deck must be broken out in the area where the steps are going to be installed, as they are connected to the pool wall.  The ideal time to install these steps is during a renovation when the deck around the pool will be replaced.  Acrylic/Fiberglass In-Pool Steps cost around $7,000 to $10,000 + HST, including installation.  Please note that this is 2023 pricing.  

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Vinyl Over Steel Step

Vinyl over steel step (VOS) has been an attractive option for homeowners over the years since it is very customizable.  VOS can be designed and customized based on how you want it to look.  This gives a homeowner many different options.  VOS is a steel step covered entirely with a vinyl liner.  It is also a great option for customers who need more deck space to install an acrylic/fiberglass in-pool step.  When installing the liner over the step, it is important that the vinyl is welded directly over the step by an experienced welder to ensure that there are no wrinkles left behind.   The only downside with VOS is that you must hire a welder to weld the liner over the step when you replace the liner in the future, which makes replacing a liner with a steel step expensive.  The cost for VOS starts at $7,000 + HST.  It depends on the size and shape of the step you’d like to build; as mentioned earlier; this step is very customizable.  Please note that this is 2023 pricing.  

The process of installing vinyl over step with a new liner has 3 stages:

  1. Design the steel for the required shape and mount it to the steel wall in the shallow end, filled with a stone aggregate
  2. Install the vinyl liner with a pre-designed space for the steps
  3. Have the steps custom welded on site to ensure a perfect fit and pad the step treads for protection and slip resistance. The vinyl is then glued and welded over the step, and a vacuum is created with an air machine to secure the rest of the liner.

Lumio Oasis Drop-in Pool Step

The Lumio Oasis Drop-in Pool Step, with its shell design, is an easy to install step specifically designed

for inground pools.  It is by far a less expensive option than the Acrylic/Fiberglass step and the Vinyl Over Step.  Its front-loading ballast system makes removal and winterizing easy.  The step is held down in the pool by filling the front-loading ballast with sand. The Oasis comes with two stainless steel handrails anchored into the deck to ensure stability.  The price for a Lumio Oasis Step, including installation, is $1,770 + HST.  Please note that this is 2023 pricing.  

Features of the Lumio Oasis Drop-in Step:

  • Outstanding resistance to UV rays 
  • Openings at the sides and back for water circulation 
  • Meets current and proposed ISPSC standards 
  • Safe rounded slip-resistant corners and surfaces 
  • High stability is ensured by its deck brackets

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Stainless Steel Ladders

A Stainless Steel Ladder is the least expensive option compared to the previous three and is another option to help swimmers get in and out of a pool.  These ladders come in various styles and are available as a 2 step or 3 step ladder.  For saltwater pools, a higher-grade stainless steel is available called Marine Grade Stainless Steel that will provide better resistance to saltwater.  A ladder is not as convenient as a step, and installation is not easy either. The ladder must be assembled, and 2 bronze anchors, which are 4” or 6” in size, need to be core drilled into the deck to provide strong support.  If we are installing on a concrete deck, a Stainless Steel 3 Step Ladder, including install,ation costs $1,060 + HST.  However, if the deck is an interlocl deck, the price for a Stainless Steel 3 Step Ladder, including install, is $1,485 + HST.  There will be an additional cost of $120 + HST if you go with a Marine Grade Stainless Steel Ladder. Please note that this is 2023 pricing.  

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