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Polaris PCX™ 868 IQ



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Why wait around for your pool cleaner at home when you can clean your pool regardless of where you are… With the convenience of iAquaLink® app control for on-the-go cleaning and remote control capabilities, the Polaris PCX™ 868 iQ offers enhanced maneuverability with a tighter turn radius and greater agility to propel the cleaner up walls and over obstacles. A new advanced Double Helix brush design helps channel dirt toward the inlet for superior debris collection as it scrubs your pool’s floor, walls and waterline while powerful cyclonic vacuum technology enables the cleaner to maintain strong suction for thoroughly outstanding results. Equipped with hassle-free features that make maintenance easy, the Polaris PCX 868 iQ is a robust robotic cleaner that gets the job done.


Advanced cleaning with convenient app control –The Polaris® PCX™ 868 iQ offers iAquaLink® app control along with enhanced maneuverability and vigorous scrubbing for thorough cleaning.

60’ cable with tangle-reducing swivel - Helps to prevent tangling during operation

Front and rear double helix brushes - Proprietary blade design that helps channel dirt and debris to the inlet

Connects to home Wi-Fi for remote access

Countdown Timer

Large filter cannister with transparent lid

Proprietary easy lift removal system

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