Swimming Pool Safety 101

Whether you’re just contemplating installing a residential swimming pool or whether you’re a seasoned pool owner, some safety measures are pretty self-evident, such as:

• Never leave children unattended near a pool, whether they can swim or not.

• By-laws in the GTA (along with common sense) dictate that you must erect a four-sided enclosure (aka fence) equipped with a locking gate…

• …and keep the gate locked at all times.

Owning a backyard swimming pool means a summer full of fun, relaxation and entertaining but it also means you take on the responsibility for being vigilant – and that goes double when it comes to children. Here are some more safety tips:

• Just because a child is swimming with an inflatable toy or lifejacket, it doesn’t mean you can look away – anything can happen with kids so you need to be on the look-out at all times.

• Don’t prop the gate open or disable any alarms, even for a few minutes. It’s easy to forget to reset and/or relock when you’re enjoying yourself and it only takes a moment for a small child or animal to slip inside unnoticed.

• Make sure to keep swimming pool chemicals and other products away from children and pets.

• Don’t allow running around the pool.

• Never dive into a spa, above ground pool or the shallow end of the pool – enter feet first.

• Do not use a slide with an above ground pool.

Pool education should start early for any children who are going to be around your pool even as visitors and swimming lessons should always be encouraged. Remember too that children love to jump around on the diving board, a sure fire way to risk getting hurt or worse. Lay down the rules gently but firmly:

• No running on the diving board.

• No hanging around or sitting on the diving board.

• Walk to the end; take one jump – and then straight into the water.

It really isn’t hard to stay safe. It’s a matter of getting into good habits around the pool, and making sure that the little ones know the ropes too.

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