Deck Coverings for Safety and Design

Much of the time, installing the swimming pool itself becomes the sole focus of a homeowner. It’s a major undertaking. But, the pool is just one component of a well-designed yard that lets you get the best out of your outdoor space – so important when the season feels so short here in the GTA.

Concrete Decks & Coverings
Concrete makes an optimal material when it comes to choosing your deck. It can be worked into virtually any space or terrain no matter how irregular, is relatively cost-effective and should last many years. There are other factors that make concrete the material of choice:

• It is easy to maintain and clean
• It stays cooler in the summer than many other materials

The base material isn’t the end of the story however. An appropriate deck coating or covering is a major safety feature that works to help prevent slipping and falling around the pool. It’s important anytime but especially so if your pool is used by children who may not be paying attention the way they should, or elderly people who may already have compromised mobility. It also helps to ensure headache-free entertaining.

New or Damaged
Older concrete decks can shift or crack over time and with the extremes of our climate in the GTA. An irregular surface makes a coating even more of a safety issue. Damage often can be repaired but once the integrity of the surface is ruptured, a replacement often seems like the best choice.

We work with innovative suppliers like Duraroc, a local Toronto business. Their product uses a rubber surface that is installed with a porous application that actually pulls water down and away from the surface to keep it safe and non-slip.

• It can cover existing as well as new concrete – even if it has cracked or shifted
• It can be installed quickly; in most instances, installed and ready to use in 24 to 48 hours
• The rubber covering eliminates the need for a sealant over the concrete
• It’s super easy to clean
• Prolongs the life of the deck

A well-designed concrete deck with a covering can also include decorative elements like a contrasting border that will add a striking note of style to your property. It can be the most cost effective yet dramatic change to your outdoor living space.

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