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At one time, you could count on the look of a typical backyard swimming pool in the GTA – a neat rectangle of turquoise blue in the middle of a grassy yard. That way of thinking, where the pool stuck out from the yard, has fallen by the wayside. A swimming pool nowadays is an integrated part of the design of your whole backyard.

Colour is key to the look of your pool and how it blends in – or not – to the surrounding landscaping. Refinishing a concrete pool is also one of the simplest ways of rejuvenating the look of the pool itself. There are new trends in both design and materials.

At Bremner Pools, we most often use either marbelite or quartzite pool finishes because they are both durable and long lasting.

• Is white cement mixed with marble dust
• Very smooth finish – the traditional pool finish
• Is extremely strong and becomes a part of the pool shell
• Can be customized to any shape or design
• Can easily be used in conjunction with tiles
• Relatively inexpensive
• Drawback – it is porous and as such requires more cleaning

• Is white cement mixed with crushed quartz
• Has a shimmery finish with a smooth feel
• Very hard surface
• More stain resistant
• Not as porous
• Longer lasting
• Becomes part of the pool shell

Design Trend – the Dark Bottom
The dark or black bottom is one of the newer pool design trends. A black-bottomed pool hits an elegant note and will blend into the scenery much more easily than typical azure blue. It mimics the look of a natural pool or pond. Darker finishes like grey or black tend to hide the dirt so you’ll want to be vigilant on that score. On the plus side, they enhance the reflective qualities of the water – a lovely effect especially when you have a lot of trees or other landscaping.

Ask Bremner Pools
Bremner Pool & Spa can retile the waterline or change the coping around the perimeter of your concrete pool and offer your choice of finishes. Our swimming pool experts can help with any swimming pool design or remodelling ideas.

Contact Bremner Pool & Spa today for advice on any swimming pool products, repairs, safety tips and maintenance. Free Quotes Available.

About Bremner Pool & Spa:
Established in 1981, Bremner Pool & Spa is one of the premiere swimming pool service companies in Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Durham Region. We operate 11 state-of-the art vehicles and offer a variety of high quality and eco-friendly products & services including swimming pool repair, openings, partial swimming pool openings, swimming pool closings, weekly pool and spa service, pool leak detection & repair, heaters, liners, pumps and more. As well, Bremner Pool & Spa complies with all City of Toronto By Laws for Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas.

Swimming pool services including openings, renovations, installations and maintenance throughout Toronto and the GTA including Ajax, Durham, East York, Forest Hill, Markham, North York, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Thornhill, Unionville, Vaughan and Whitby, Ontario.


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