Swimming pool safety – part two

Swimming pool safety is mostly common sense when it comes to enjoying summer around the pool. Children should only swim while fully supervised, and no one should ever swim alone. But there are other components of swimming pool safety that current and potential pool owners should be aware of, and those include chemical safety.

Swimming Pools and Chemicals
Swimming pools require chemical maintenance to keep them clean and fit for swimming. These chemicals combat bacteria and algae while sanitizing and balancing the water. Specifically designed for swimming pools, these chemicals are meant to be diluted by thousands of liters of water and should be safely handled before adding them to the swimming pool.

It is important to note to always keep swimming pool chemical containers closed and stored in a dry, cool place at least 6 inches above the ground.  Do not store pool chemicals in the same air space as a pool heater . The fumes are flammable and will cause corrosion of your heater.

Safely Adding Chemicals to Your Swimming Pool
When adding chemicals to your swimming pool, always add the chemical to the water and never water directly to the chemical. All pool chemicals should be added separately, never combined beforehand and then added to a pool.

Wash your hands after handling swimming pool chemicals and keep them out of children’s reach.

Always read the labels on any pool chemical. This includes following the measurement guidelines and not swimming before the label says it’s okay.

Some pool chemicals are oxidizers, and some are acids.  An example of an oxidizer is chlorine and an example of an acid is a pH-lowering solution. These pool chemicals should always be kept away from each other and never used together. Similar to  bleach and vinegar, these two types of chemicals can create deadly chlorine gas if mixed.  Stored properly and used safely, pool chemicals can be a safe component of swimming pool health and safety.

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