The importance of weekly swimming pool maintenance

With many things, the more you take care of them and treat them properly, the longer they last and the better they function. This goes for swimming pools, too.

Regular maintenance is a primary component in keeping a swimming pool in top shape for the season, at your beck and call whenever you need it.

Your swimming pool is at the mercy of your environment (rain, leaves, bugs, frogs) and just about anything else that can end up in the water, throwing off the chemical balance or leading to algae, dirt and grime.

Controlling some of these elements is easy while others call for a professional helping hand.

The easy stuff

Skimming the top of the pool on a regular basis not only keeps anything debris off of the surface of the water, but it can also help to prevent larger things like leaves from getting stuck in the skimmer basket and pump basket, slowing down the filtration system.

When the water level drops due to evaporation, remember to top it off again using a garden hose. Otherwise, if you wait too long and the water level is too low it can affect the efficiency of the filter as well as take seemingly forever to fill back up again.

Emptying the skimmer and pump baskets should be done on a frequent basis – almost daily, if your situation calls for it.  Those living in more rural areas may have many trees and therefore leaves falling into their pools, as well as frogs and other critters that can be saved from drowning if found in time.

When performing these checks, it’s also a good idea to ensure that all of the pool components, like pumps and heaters, are debris free. These components can get quite hot and clutter can lead to a fire.

Equipment checks, chemicals and vacuuming

Professional swimming pool maintenance can help you take care of the more complicated aspects of properly maintaining your pool. This includes monitoring the pool system and checking all piping and components for any leaks or obstructions, adding chemicals and performing water testing to check the pool’s chemistry.

Pool vacuuming is something else that can be done on a weekly basis, or somewhat less frequently if you don’t experience a lot of rainfall. This vacuuming can help remove any debris or dirt that ends up on the bottom of the pool, and regularly brushing the sides of the pool can also help keep it clean and ready for swimming any time.

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