Turn your swimming pool into a life-saving and educational playground

The past few months have seen an unusual number of drowning-related accidents in the Greater Toronto Area. A high percentage of these accidents involved children, many of who could not swim. The tragedy is this: these accidents are preventable.  As well as being fun, enrolling your children in swimming lessons can also keep them safe around water.

Swimming lessons are an activity that all children should be engaged in, and there are many options for those with their own swimming pool. For instance, by hosting your own swimming lessons, you can save money and cut your travel time because the instructor will simply come to you. You may be able to find an individual instructor who will come to your home to give swim lessons, or it may be a backyard swimming lesson service that sends someone.

You can also choose to host swimming lessons for the entire neighbourhood, giving you an opportunity to get to know your neighbours while the children learn life-saving skills in the pool.

Many of the individuals or businesses that provide at-home swimming lessons also provide lifeguarding services that can be booked for pool parties, providing a bit of extra safety for your next backyard event.

Learning to swim can save lives while providing your children with fun and exercise during the summer months when they’re out of school. CPR training and general pool safety is a part of most swimming lesson curriculums, and strong swimming skills can come in handy in a number of situations.

It’s also never too late to learn how to swim.  Both adult swimming and CPR courses can be taken in the privacy of your own backyard swimming pool.

Legal stuff

In some cases, swimming lesson companies may require that your home insurance is fully up to date. Participants may also be required to sign waivers, but this can differ from business to business and is dependent on whether children that are not your own will be receiving lessons.

Typically, the person giving the lesson has their own insurance but you are fully within your right to ask them about their certification and qualifications.

This summer, make your backyard swimming pool a safe haven and a great way to meet neighbours while also providing your kids with a valuable gift – swimming skills.

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