To Fill in or Repair a Swimming Pool in Scarborough

Toronto is more than a city – it’s a moving target. Scarborough in particular is a rapidly changing area of the GTA. Its population grew by 3X the rate of the city as a whole. That’s a lot of people moving in and moving on.

Perhaps you’re looking at properties and there’s one you’ve got your eye on – and it has a pool. You’ve heard horror stories from friends about all the hours they spent as teenagers looking after the family pool and you’re reluctant. Maybe you’re considering buying the house, but rather than take advantage of an old pool that looks like it needs work, you’re thinking about filling it in instead.

Let’s look at what you should consider.

First, modern technology has made all pool operations and maintenance much easier, more efficient and less time consuming than ever before.  Your friend may have bad memories of pool maintenance from decades past but nowadays, you can set it up for truly minimal maintenance on your part. All pool components can be automated and the latest versions offer superb energy efficiency too. At Bremner Pool & Spa, we offer regular maintenance packages so you can let us do the work for you.

Second: Filling in a pool isn’t as easy as it sounds!

  • Filling in your pool isn’t simply a matter of getting a truckload of dirt and dumping it inside. There are a number of issues to consider:
  • Steel walls must be removed by law if it is a vinyl pool
  • Plumbing that needs to be disconnected
  •  Electrical wiring that needs to be disconnected
  • If it is concrete, you’d need to break down and remove the concrete, tile and other hard materials to at least a couple of feet into the ground
  • The pool should be filled in layers of rock and dirt for proper drainage and to prevent the creation of a virtual sink hole
  • You’ll need professional contractors for the plumbing and electrical removal and a licensed excavator for the actual filling. Then, you’re also likely to need help landscaping the scarred backyard. Prices vary from $7,500.00 to $10,000.00 or more in some cases.

Swimming Pool Repairs
There are many general advantages of owning a pool, which include:

  • It’s a fantastic way to get exercise
  • Cooling off in the summer
  • Entertaining
  • It’s great for kids

In addition to your personal use, a pool does enhance the resale value of your home. Many people prefer to buy a house with a swimming pool rather than go through the trouble of installing a new one.

At Bremner Pool & Spa we offer a variety of services that can take an old, worn out pool and breathe new life into it, including:

Pool leak detection & repair
Pool liner replacements
Complete pool renovations

Contact Bremner Pool & Spa today for swimming pool service, swimming pool repairs, safety tips and maintenance. Free Quotes Available.

About Bremner Pool & Spa:
Established in 1981, Bremner Pool & Spa is one of the premiere swimming pool service companies in Scarborough, Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) and Durham Region. We operate 11 state-of-the art vehicles and offer a variety of high quality and eco-friendly products & services including swimming pool repair, openings, partial swimming pool openings, swimming pool closings, weekly pool and spa service, pool leak detection & repair, heaters, liners, pumps and more. As well, Bremner Pool & Spa complies with all City of Toronto By Laws for Pools, Hot Tubs and Spas.

Swimming pool services including openings, renovations, installations and maintenance throughout Toronto and the GTA including Ajax, Durham, East York, Forest Hill, Markham, North York, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Thornhill, Unionville, Vaughan and Whitby, Ontario.



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