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Raypak Avia Natural Gas Pool Heater with NITEK



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Industry-First Technology

Managing your pool heater has never been easier or smarter. AVIA is built with an innovative Wi-Fi enabled control system that allows you to manage your pool heater with one accessory through the Raymote app – so no need for a separate control panel to manage your pool heater.

With Raypak’s industry-first technology, NiTek, this AVIA HD is 300% more erosion resistant than copper, and 200% more than cupronickel.


Smart Automation - Smart pool control automaton system built right into the heater. Enables you to automate and manage your pool temperature

NITEK Heat Exchanger - NiTek is 300% more erosion resistant than copper, and 200% more than cupronickel!

Raymote™ Temperature and Heater Control - Raymote Mobile App allows you on-the-go control of your pool temperature and so much more

Smart Scheduling - AVIA heats and learns the size of your pool and will let you know when your pool is ready for your set temperature

Integrated Wi-Fi - Provides a smart connection for real-time service alerts & control from anywhere

Smart Ecosystem Manager - Enables you to manage your heater, pumps, water features and scheduling

Protek Shield™ - Is a cutting-edge module that protects the heat exchanger from corrosion, prolonging the life of the AVIA pool heater

Efficiency - AVIA has an 84% efficiency rating and is low NOx certified


Download the pdf below the product photo to learn more about First and Only Raypak Avia Pool Heater with built-in Wi-Fi!

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