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Heat Pumps have been around for quite some time now and are a popular form of heating. They are more energy efficient and environmentally friendlier than gas heaters. The way it works is pretty simple. It collects the free ambient heat in the air and transfers it into the pool water. Heat pumps require an electrical connection to allow it to collect the heat and transfer it into the water. The amount of energy that a Heat Pump uses is pretty low. Heat Pumps do have a higher upfront purchase cost, but over the long term, it is much cheaper in operating costs compared to gas heaters.

We sell the Titan Heat Pump Heaters. Titan Systems has long been recognized for its design and engineering excellence, offering a complete line of premium heat pump pool heaters.  An early pioneer of heat pump pool heaters, Titan was the first manufacturer to develop and introduce enhanced tube titanium heat exchangers setting the industry benchmark standard.

To learn more about how they work, download the brochure by clicking the link beneath the product photo on the left.


Premium Design - Canadian manufactured product designed with high quality standards

Energy Saving Performance - Oversized air heat collectors matched with industry leading designed water heat exchangers are utilized to transfer FREE HEAT, present in outdoor air, to warm your pool water. The high efficiency compressor and fan motor require only a fraction of electricity to operate, compared to the heat energy that is transferred from the air to the water

Indestructible TITANIUM HEAT EXCHANGER! Our exclusive, virtually bullet proof titanium heat exchanger is designed to last year after year; regardless of the pool water chemistry

Strong warranties on all our products - 2 year warranty on heater, 5 year warranty for the compressor, heat exchanger TITANIUM TUBE has a LIFETIME chemical corrosion warranty

Quiet operation

Set and forget digital controls!

Low water flow safety cut-off switch

Pollution-free operation

Simple installation

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