Heat Pump Pool Heaters – Environmentally friendly and energy efficient!

Heat Pumps have been around for quite some time now and are a popular form of heating.  What makes these units popular is that they are extremely energy efficient and environmentally friendly.  The way these units work is pretty simple. Basically, it collects the free ambient heat in the air and transfers it into the pool water.  The reason why Heat Pumps are energy efficient is because they consume very little energy in order to heat the water.  The compressor and fan motor use very little electricity and what makes these units really environmentally friendly is the fact that it's simply taking the free ambient heat in the air and transferring it into the water.  There is no burning of natural gas taking place,  which makes heat pumps great for our environment!

To get a full understanding of the complete heat exchange process in greater detail, click here to access a brochure which explains this process in more detail.

Heat Pumps do have a higher upfront purchase cost, but over the long term, it is much cheaper in operating costs compared to gas heaters.  Also, there is one other factor to keep in mind when considering a heat pump and that is speed.  What makes natural gas heaters popular is that they heat your pool really quickly.  A heat pump, on the other hand, can take anywhere from 3-5 days to heat your pool to it's desired temperature.  It really depends on what the outside temperature is and this will determine how long it will take to heat your pool.  So, if you have a pool party planned on a Saturday, you'll have to run your heat pump heater for a few days to reach the desired temperature.  Lastly, since heat pumps rely on the free ambient heat in the air to heat the pool, these units do not work that well when temperatures go below 6 degrees Celsius

At Bremner, we sell the Titan Heat Pump Heaters. We’ve had good success with this brand. Titan Heat pumps are Canadian manufactured, energy efficient, pollution-free, titanium heat exchanger which is designed to handle the harshest water chemistry & superior warranty.

To summarize:

Advantages of a heat pump pool heater

  • Long-term operational costs of a heat pump are much cheaper compared to gas.  The cost of electrical to operate a heat pump heater is small
  • Environmentally friendly - There is no burning of gas and thus, no carbon emissions being released into the air
  • Energy efficient - The high efficiency compressor and fan motor require only a fraction of electricity to operate!
  • Titan Heat pumps have a titanium heat exchanger which can handle the harshest of pool water chemistry
  • Easy to use digital controls
  • Quiet operation

Disadvantages of a heat pump pool heater

  • Higher upfront purchase price
  • Does not work well once temperatures go below 6 degrees Celsius
  • Takes longer to heat compared to natural gas heaters
  • Requires an electrical connection in order to operate

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